We want to hear about what you are doing so we can share it in future newsletters.  Record a video on your phone, between 1 and 2 minutes long, where you share what you are doing - at school, at work, or in your free time - and email it to newsletter@lenfestscholars.org.  We’ll be creating a bank of videos to include in upcoming newsletters so the Lenfest community can continue to build on the network that we get to see come together at Community Weekend and other Lenfest events.  We’d especially love to feature Lenfest College Prep Scholar videos!  

Here are some details

What to include in the video: your name, the high school you are in or graduated from, the college you are in or graduated from, and some information about something that you have done, are doing or are planning that is interesting or exciting to you.  


Length: Between 30 seconds and two minutes.


Setting/Background: It’s up to you!  You can make a talking-head video, or you can take us on a short tour of your surroundings.  However you’d like to let the community into your life. 


Send to: Newsletter@lenfestscholars.org with the subject line Scholar Video 


So...moving to a new home? Starting in a new career? Recently climbed a mountain? Managing an interesting project at work? Exploring a new city? Fostering therapy dogs?  Tell us all about it!