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Lenfest Scholar Alumni Updates

For our first ever alumni update edition of the newsletter, we are delighted that we heard from Prep Scholars (LCPP) and College Scholars (LCSP).  Read on to hear about the adventures, moves, births, jobs and degrees of the alumni. What didn’t surprise us, but certainly delighted us, were the many alums who offered to share their experience with current Scholars in high school and college - that type of kindness and spirit of generosity is exactly what makes the Lenfest community so special!  

If you’d like to share your updates in an upcoming newsletter, send them to

Linh Truong (2002 LCSP) I am a visual artist living in Detroit, MI, working with fibers, ceramics, video, and technology. I also teach art to disadvantaged youth in Detroit through the College of Creative Studies and teach adult art workshops throughout the country.

Andrew Yeatts (2002 LCSP) My wife and I have recently added a second child, Jack. Our two year old daughter Ellen is very excited.

Brenda Reyes Lua (2005 LCSP) Current Position: Assistant Director at the Center for Public Service at Gettysburg College

Zachary Wachter (2004 LCSP) Living out west I don't have many opportunities to attend Lenfest Community events, but if there are scholars with questions about careers in Mechanical Engineering or the Aerospace Industry I'd be happy to talk with them.

Jay Eury (2005 LCSP), who received a college scholarship in 2005, is back in Chambersburg after taking some time away for a nice, long walk.  He's back at local non-profit, South Central Community Action Programs, where his work includes marketing, fundraising, and IT.  He also manages the North Square Farmers Market in downtown Chambersburg during the growing season, initiated a new farmers market inside the Coyle Free Library this Winter, and is daydreaming how to squeeze in a walk across PA in 2020.  Any scholars in South Central PA looking for tasty fresh produce, volunteer/intern opportunities, or coffee... Please let Jay know! Anyone is welcome to email him any time at

Ronald Henry (2006 LCPP) is living in Baltimore Maryland, married with two kids (5 and 3)  Currently employed with the Maryland State Police as a Cpl in our Executive Protection Unit.

Jennifer Dahlmann (2006 LCPP) I recently completed 6 years as a Navy officer and I'm now a full-time graduate student and in the Navy Reserves.

Theodore Waddelow (2006 LCSP) Ted got married last November in a small ceremony in Auckland, New Zealand, followed by two weeks of hiking around the South Island with his new wife, Chelsea. He also earned his Private Pilot license last summer, and is now working on his Instrument Rating.

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Rachel Reeder (2007 LCSP) I'm currently a military doctor, stationed in Korea right now. Happy to talk to students about the military or medicine. 

Elizabeth Cox (2007 LCPP) My daughter Soleil Cox was born on October 8, 2019.  I'm currently working with the Southeast Region Group Sales office for Marriott International in Atlanta, GA.

Diana Allinger (2007 LCPP) I live in Medellin, Colombia and teach English at a language institute.

Muhammad Rashid (2007 LCSP) is completing Pediatric Residency in June 2020 and signed first job as a pediatrician in Auburn, NY

Sarah Zost (2008 LCSP) I was a Fruit and Vegetable Growers News Forty Under 40! Please Google the phrase to see the article, but it's a national award for young professionals based on their work and leadership in industry groups.

Daniel Pittman (2008 LCPP) I was named "Top 20 under 40" by NEPA Business Journal and my theatre, Act Out Theatre Group, was named "Best Theatre Troupe" by

Destinee Hays (2008 LCPP) My husband and I welcomed our second daughter in July, Ripley Quinn. Proud big sister Campbell is now 3 and preparing for preschool.

Sarah Adler (2008 LCSP) I completed the manuscript for my first novel while staying home full-time with my daughter and am currently in the process of querying literary agents.

Erin Crum (2008 LCSP)  I married David C. Crum on 6/17/2017. Our son, Clyde, was born on 1/17/2019. I recently took a risk and left my 5+ year career at Mount St. Mary's University and moved into the health care industry as the Accounting & Human Resources Manager for a regional Podiatry practice.

Antonio Cuesta (2009 LCSP) moved to the Houston, TX metro area, pursuing an environmental engineering career.

Tyler Brown Groft (2009 LCPP) recently became the Director of Museum Experience for the Da Vinci Science Center.

Arlo Ehly (2009 LCSP) I finished my MS in Arts Administration at Drexel University in the fall of 2019; began new job as staff accompanist in the conservatory of Theatre and Dance at Southeast Missouri State University in February 2020.

Hannah Gajari (2010 LCSP) I am currently working with a non-profit in the Middle East.

Hunter Harrell (2010 LCSP) is currently serving as an Expeditionary Ground Reconnaissance Officer at 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, USMC

Sarah Johnson (2010 LCSP) I am now managing a small sustainable vegetable farm about an hour outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

Jerone Stoner (2010 LCSP) graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health in December 2017 and accepted a position as the Health Services Coordinator for AIDS Free Pittsburgh, a public health movement aimed at reducing new cases of HIV and AIDS in Allegheny County, PA. He is happy to connect with anyone interested in discussing public health programs/careers. 

Emily Eadle (2010 LCPP) I graduated with a Master's in research psychology December 2018, moved in with some friends in the DC area that February, and found a job in research marketing that utilizes my degree in September! I'm coming up on 6 months there now, and I'm happy with my friends and family here in MD.

Eric Wengert (2011 LCSP) Last Summer (2019), I was awarded an NIH-funded predoctoral fellowship for my PhD thesis work. This is a prestigious fellowship, and I mention it in case it would ever be worthwhile for Lenfest scholars who are currently in scientific research to connect with each other as we compete for federal research grants. I'd be happy to share any personal tips about writing fellowships with other Lenfest scholars.

Daniel Solomon (2011 LCSP) I’m living in Philadelphia with my wife (in the Italian Market neighborhood). I’m currently working as a consultant for Mercer and am loving exploring the city.

John Archibald (2011 LCSP) I am continuing to work as a Data Processing Engineer for Structural Technologies in Columbia, MD. I work for our Structural Digital Inspections Team where I have been assisting in our acquisition and processing of data by way of drones and cameras for the purpose of completing inspections of buildings and large concrete structures. One of the camera systems we are using was designed and built by me and last year we completed 2 successful tests in the field with more coming this year.

Mariah Martin (2012 LCSP) is working as Labor & Delivery nurse

Sarah Rudasill (2012 LCSP) I'm attending UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine where I have been conducting clinical research on the optimization of donor selection and donor/recipient pairing for heart and lung transplantation. I'll be applying for a general surgery residency this upcoming year and will hopefully (!) match to a program in March 2021.  I'm happy to assist any Lenfest scholars thinking of applying to medical school.

Justin Moul (2013 LCSP) I graduated from college in 2018. I am working full time in a leadership acceleration program that I will graduate from in June of 2020. I'll then be a full time information security analyst.

Mariana Riehl (2013 LCSP) I am working as a nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Penn State Hershey Medical Center! Couldn't have done it without the help of my Lenfest Community

Jeremy Seitz-Brown (2013 LCSP) Jeremy has been working as an executive assistant at FairVote since July, 2019 and is enjoying living in Hyattsville, MD with his brother. FairVote advocates for ranked choice voting and is working to make sure the reform is successfully implemented in four Democratic presidential primary states and in Maine for the general election.

Wyatt Nace (2014 LCSP) I graduated in May 2019 with a degree in aerospace engineering, and started my first job out of college as an electrical engineer at Northrop Grumman. I work in the satellite Integration and Test department, and my normal day involves working in a cleanroom, building and testing satellites.

Sarah Prince (2014 LCSP) graduated Magna Cum Laude December 2019 from Shippensburg University and began working for Hanover Land Services, LLC (a surveying an engineering firm) in January 2020 as a survey technician.

Jacob Guinn (2014 LCSP) I currently work as a Medical Laboratory Technician specializing in Parasitology at the world's leading animal diagnostic lab: IDEXX Inc.

Matthew Schofield (2014 LCSP) I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania last June and have been working since then in Baltimore as a 3rd grade English as a second language teacher through Teach for America. It's extremely hard work but very rewarding!

Rachel Severein (2014 LCSP) I am currently in Baja California Sur, Mexico, beginning production on an independent documentary film called "2020: A Van Odyssey". The film will document my partner and I's travels in a van from Baja to Alaska and beyond over the year 2020 as we meet other nomads and chronicle the stories of an eclectic group of "vanlifers". Find out more at, and follow us on IG: @vanodysseyfilm !

Mason Unger (2014 LCSP) I started a graduate program in environmental engineering at University of Pittsburgh.  I study plant pollinator systems, focused on using machine learning to help gather and analyze pollinator data in wild blueberry fields in Maine.  Ultimately, this research fuels conservation, policy, and overall economic valuation of native pollinators.

Timothy Morrow (2014 LCSP) I was just accepted to start a Ph.D. at Penn State for Neuroscience. I plan to begin this summer (2020).

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