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Special Educational Expense Fund



SEEF, the Special Educational Expense Fund, offered by the Lenfest College Scholarship Program for about ten years, was created to let Scholars enhance their academic work or career planning by taking part in activities like unpaid internships or summer study abroad programs. Such opportunities can be beneficial, and they are virtually required for increased success in post-college life, but often the monetary costs associated with travel or living expenses make these options difficult for Scholars to contemplate. In the past, Lenfest Scholars have taken advantage of SEEF for not only unpaid internships and summer academic study abroad, but also for summer research with faculty members when other funding was not available. 


The initial SEEF allocation was intended to provide some Scholars the opportunity to take advantage of these important opportunities, but the Lenfest Scholars Foundation Board has recently approved a generous increase to the budget so that every Scholar in college can take advantage of a SEEF grant. 


There is an application process for SEEF that requires Scholars to explain the experience they would like to have, the value of that opportunity, and how SEEF funding will be able to help them take advantage of the opportunity.  Additionally, students who have received a grant will submit a reflection on their accomplishments during their SEEF-funded experience and how that experience has sharpened their skills or enhanced their academics.


To apply for a SEEF grant, scholars can complete the application and submit it to


We look forward to seeing the experiences that will be made available for all of our Scholars in the coming years, thanks to the increased SEEF funding! 

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