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Are you a Lenfest Scholar seeking funds for an opportunity that enriches your academic work or career planning? LSF has pledged that every Scholar will be funded for at least one Special Educational Expenses Fund (SEEF) opportunity during their college years. 

Image by Angelo Pantazis


Karen's SEEF Experience

“The SEEF grant allowed me to become an EMT over the summer! I took a 6 week EMT course at the Center for Emergency Medicine in Pittsburgh. The course was rigorous, and I learned a lot about emergency medicine.”

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Matt's SEEF Experience

“During my summer at the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE), I was fortunate enough to explore a niche area of my academic interests—which wouldn’t have been possible without the funding provided by Lenfest’s SEEF program.”

SEEF has been offered by the Lenfest College Scholarship Program for more than a decade. In the past, Lenfest Scholars have used SEEF funds for internship expenses, summer academic study abroad, summer research with faculty, and professional/scholarly conference attendance. This is not an exhaustive list, and we would consider support for any opportunity that will enhance your education and promote personal or professional growth.

We encourage you to contact your scholar advisor to 
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