The Lenfest Foundation has provided their scholars with countless resources, encouraging marginalized students like me in overlooked communities to expand their mindset and challenge themselves when applying to schools. Through Lenfest’s support, I discovered my potential and have been introduced to endless opportunities to help shape my future.

2018 Scholar

Coming from a small town, there is a hurdle that we all face; it is a pull to do what we are used to and what makes us comfortable especially since there are such few resources to tell us otherwise. My advice would be to step out of your comfort zone and apply to things that are uncertain or seem like a reach, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome and even more surprised with what you are capable of.

2010 Scholar

Greencastle's size shouldn't influence the size of our ambition or make us feel inferior. That notion came from Lenfest, where I learned that rural kids DO have a chance and are just as equipped to take on the world as those who come from private schools or large-urban high schools.

2018 Scholar


The Lenfest College Scholars Program is not simply a scholarship opportunity for high-achieving students who desire to attend college. Starting from the time they are chosen, Lenfest Scholars join a community of learners and leaders who aspire to make a difference in the world.



The Lenfest College Scholarship Program (LCSP) is a competitive scholarship program. Scholars become part of an ever-growing family that provides academic, career and life guidance. The program has positively altered the educational environment for public schools in rural central Pennsylvania.


The application for the Lenfest Scholarship is available to juniors who attend one of our 23 partner high schools. Students must apply online and submit the initial application before the deadline to be considered for the semifinalist round.