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Fall, in the admissions world, means travel, and so it is for those of us on the Lenfest Scholars Foundation staff.  August, September and October have meant Celebration Banquets in Lancaster and at Dickinson College, conferences in Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Louisville, and trips to some nearby colleges to see the Scholars who are beginning a new school year with gusto! 


One of the fall travel highlights: at the National Scholarship

Providers Association conference in Minneapolis, Suzi got to

meet Professor Anthony Abraham Jack, the author of the

phenomenal new book The Privileged Poor.  A favorite

among our staff, and the book that was given as a gift to

the teachers and counselors invited to the Celebration

Banquets, The Privileged Poor has won literary awards

for exploring the unique challenges low income students

at elite colleges face, and the new or different approaches

that those schools can undertake to provide better support

and allow students to thrive.


In September, our newest Scholars, along with their invited teachers and counselors, shared conversation, fellowship, great food, and deep appreciation at the annual Celebration Banquets.  The Scholars got the opportunity to thank one of the people at their high school who offered important support, and the teachers and counselors got to applaud their students for the successes they have achieved so far.  See the photo spread inside the newsletter for some shots of the Scholars and their mentors.  


In more travel news: I’ve already started my Lenfest partner high school tour!  As I did last fall, I’ll visit each of the schools to provide updates, offer additional services to support students, and get to know the new hires at the schools - and maybe see a current

Scholar or two on my journey!  Our partnerships with the counselors, teachers and administrators at each of the 23 schools keep our program strong, and ensures that we all work together to provide substantial support to the Lenfest Scholars, and even the other students at the school!

While we have been crisscrossing the state and the country, our Scholars and Alums have been sending videos sharing what is happening in their lives!  This edition of the newsletter includes a number of videos, shot by Scholars in high school and in college, to share what they are doing or planning these days. We are excited to share the videos with the Lenfest community.  (If you are interested in making a short video to be included in a future newsletter, please look for the announcement in this newsletter with details.)

And sometimes travel gets one in the mind of moving along in a career.  In the newest chapter of Career Conversations Corner, “Finding the work you love is a continuous process,” our Eileen Kohan, Lenfest career advisor, explores ways to evolve successfully in your career journey, especially when you have started thinking, “What should I do next?” 


Wherever you are traveling - across town, across the state, home for break from college, or into a new career - we are wishing you a safe and revelatory journey, and we hope you’ll tell us all about it! Please enjoy the fall edition of the Lenfest Scholars newsletter.  



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